Jan 9, 2024

5 things Adelaide Property Managers look for when choosing a tenant

Paul Haigh

Renting a property is a major event in the scheme of things, this is the home where you will likely spend at least the next 12 months of your life, relaxing, eating, sleeping watching the telly and generally lounging around. It’s important you get your selection of property right and it’s important the Property Manager on behalf of the owner selects the right tenant …right? Here’s my Top 5 when selecting a Tenant

A sound financial position

When you apply for a property, think of it like a bank loan..the same kind of criteria will apply, ultimately can you pay the rent for the loan of the house. Do you have a sound job with good references? If you aren’t currently working can you provide evidence of income such as a bank statement showing some savings or income support statements? People who own investment properties often do not own them outright and must pay home loans, rates, insurance etc so it’s critical the rent can be paid by the prospective tenant on time and in full.

A good record of paying rent or other bills on time.

One of the first things I will look for when selecting Tenants are the contact details of the previous property manager or landlord. I’ll ring them because I know they will more than likely be very honest about what kind of Tenant the applicant was. Did they pay the rent on time? were any breach notices issued? what were they like to deal with? would you have them as a Tenant again? It’s critical as with any financial arrangement you maintain a good history as this likely affects your credit rating for the future. Pay your rent early or on time, a record of 2 or 3 days consistently late is irritating and creates extra work for your property manager who has to chase you up.

Reliability & Honesty

If you agree to inspect a property, be there on time or early this builds a good impression and it’s true that people judge you within about 3 seconds so first impressions count… If you progress to application stage, make sure your application is completed in full with all the relevant information, this shows the property manager you are keen and organised. Don’t lie or inflate your income, Property managers will ring your references and confirm your employment. Property managers will check you against the national tenancy database so if you have some previous history it’s better to be upfront and honest about it.

Good communication skills

If you enquire online about a property and the agent phones you back to discuss, be confident and show interest in the property ” uhhhhh what property is this again? I’ve applied for hundreds” won’t help your cause. Respond quickly to emails or phone calls requesting more information for your application. When you have a maintenance issue, be readily contactable, be reasonable and try not to “demand or threaten”  to get things happening. Co-operation on all sides of the fence is key to a great relationship and earning you a great reference at the end of your tenancy.

Keep it clean folks

Now I’m not religious however there’s merit in these sayings  “Being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness” —”cleanliness is next to godliness” There is nothing worse than walking into a dirty stinky house to do a routine inspection! I haven’t got time to take a shower before I go see my next Tenant or Landlord..it

Clean Freak

will be noted and your next property manager or landlord will hear all about it in 6 months time when you are looking for a new rubbish tip to live in. Property managers love clean neat freaks! They will want to keep you as a long-term tenant and more than likely will go out of their way to attend to any issues you have or to keep the rent fair if you stay on.

Follow these simple tips and you will ensure a great relationship now and into the future with your property manager

Paul Haigh is a Registered Land Agent RLA 277315 and owner of 4rooms Property an Adelaide Property Management company serving the whole Adelaide region. We do fixed price management at $79 per month.