Jan 9, 2024

Are You Getting The Best Rental Return?

Paul Haigh

Are you getting the best return for your valuable investment property? Too often I hear of investors who have absolutely no idea what’s going on with their investment property …someone set the rent and forgot about it years ago. Sometimes a Property Manager may not have reviewed the rent for years due to many reasons including long-term existing tenants they don’t want to upset, they don’t have the systems in place to remind them or perhaps it’s just too hard.

Imagine if your property was receiving say $350 per week for the last 3 years with no adjustments and the average increase on rent was just 4% year on year over the last 2 years … that’s an extra $728 in the first year and $757 in the second year, a total of $1485 you have missed on because someone what… forgot? $1458 would provide many things including minor repairs and maintenance, improvements like an air conditioner or more than cover your property management fees.

Click on the link below and 4rooms property will conduct a free and comprehensive rental appraisal so you can see right now if you are getting the best rental return on your property.

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